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It is an honor that you have decided to come to my blog and read the thoughts and reflections that accompany my journey with Christ. Psalms 45:1 declares ...I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue [is] the pen of a ready writer. I pray that as you read and reflect on the words written here, the Holy Spirit will minister to you as I journal experiences from my life and ministry. MAY ALL GOD'S BLESSINGS BE YOURS, FOREVER. - ASW

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Blogging...for me/not for me

I enjoy the freedom that writing provides but I think I stand a better chance on another forum.  I won't delete what I have here...but join me on facebook and read my notes if you want to keep up. 
Blogging is for me...just not here.  :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Life has a way of teaching you lessons that you will never forget.  Today I'm reflecting on many things, and one is this picture of the beautiful flowers I received by surprise one day while at the office.  I was very surprised to get them, but even more surprised when I read the card about who sent them.  They were from some friends I met on the internet years ago. 

The Lord allowed me to share the gospel with her, and after receiving Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, her husband did also.  As events would have it, we spoke often on the phone and shared many conversations about life and about the love of Jesus.  All of this was initiated because of me doing videos on youtube.  I've learned a valuable lesson in this and that is, it is important to obey God even when it seems insignificant.  Who would have thought that a video could save a soul?  Why do I say save a soul?

Yesterday I got a message.  Her long time friend, and husband had informed me that she was having some health issues and that because of her complications she passed away.  The last time I heard from her was when she sent me these beautiful flowers.  The flowers have long withered, but I did take a picture that I'll value in my heart.  Life is like my flowers.  We may wither away with the passing of time, but prayerfully we will leave behind the memories of our lovely scent.  Joy does come in the morning. This morning, I'm remembering The Flowers, and the life that was changed through obedience.  Thank you Lord for sharing Christie with us, for just a moment. 

He Warned me About the Storm

Even though your winds blow
I want you to know
You cause me no alarm
Cause I'm safe in his arms
Even though your rain falls
I can still make this call
Let there be peace
Now I can say go away
I command you to move today
Because faith I have a new day
The sun will shine--I will be okay
That's what I told the storm!

I told the storm to pass
Storm you can't last
Go away - I command you to move today
Storm - When God speaks 
Storm-  You've got to cease
That's what I told the storm!

Wind stop blowing!
Flood stop flooding!
Lightning stop flashing!
Breakers stop dashing!
Darkness go away!
Clouds move away!
That's what I told the storm!

Death can't shake me!
My job can't make me!
Bills can't break me!
Disease can't take me!
Enemies can't drown me!
Cause my God surrounds me!
That's what I told the storm!

I'm so glad that the Lord warned be about the storm.  One Sunday, I was getting ready for service and I heard thunder clashing outside.  For a second, I had a human moment and said, "Maybe I should not try to go to service today, because it sounds like its going to really pour today."  Of course reason over ruled and said no, so I continued to dress.  The sky was very dark and it was very humid, the perfect signs that a storm was on the way.  The winds had even began to pick up as we went into the sanctuary.  It was youth day, and I had promised my sister (who is the youth pastor at her church) that I would be there to support her.  

We went on with the service, and she was led by God to call me up to the pulpit to have words.  God is amazing.  I began to exhort the congregation about the storm.  I referenced how Jesus had to command the winds and the waves to be still as He spoke peace over the tumultuous waters.    Then the minister-in-training, who was scheduled to give inspirational words, spoke from the SAME text, same topic, same illustrations that God had given her the night before.  We knew without a doubt that the word of the Lord was going forth and we had better give an ear to hear what He had to say.  

Were we in a storm in that moment?  No.  God just used the weather to speak to us concerning the storm.  But the following weeks would prove to be challenging and God was speaking prophetically into our situations.  I won't go into what everyone's storm was, but mine was challenging at best.  In fact, the winds are still blowing.  I've had news of death, separations, financial threats, family issues, and even health concerns but all are just a part of life.  I'm determined to "get to the other side."  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Writing because...

This time I'm going to just write. I guess we can call it free-styling about random thoughts. Here goes:

I am ...sitting here looking out of the window and wondering if its going to rain the rest of the day. Its pretty dark outside and there is a lot of moisture in the air. It rained this time yesterday too.
The phone rings-
I'm back.
I'm still a little tired from my weekend trip to Houston. I flew out on Saturday evening to minister for a Sunday morning service. I'm still amazed at how God did all that in such a short time but to sum it all up, I got a call Monday. By Wednesday I had been sent plane tickets, and by Friday evening all the Hotel arrangements were settled. I spent the rest of Friday packing and preparing. Saturday, I woke up early to hear from God, work on the message I was to deliver, and then ran a number of errands before driving myself to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth airport. Then, my pace picked up considerably as I went through baggage claim, a flight into Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and finally landing in Houston's Hobby airport. My hosts picked me up in a nice car and drove me to get a bite to eat and then to my hotel. HOUSTON IS HOT! It is "don't even bother to curl your hair, because it will be in vain" hot! It was hot at 11:00p.m. which is what time it was when I finally got settled. I think I went to sleep with my lap top, my bible, some notes, while laying fully dressed across the bed. When I woke up the next morning, I just picked up where I had left off.
The next morning I noticed that there was no iron in the room, but my hosts brought me one from their home, and I was set. I ironed and prepared my "after service" outfit, and continued to prepare for the service. Interestingly enough, I do this "preachy prayer" thing. I'll explain because I know I made that terminology up. Well it's like I pray and preach at the same time and this usually takes place before I have to preach. I subconsciously did it the entire flight, but nobody heard me thanks to the enormous roar of the engines on the plane. As I continued to dress and preachy pray *giggles* I felt ready to deliver the word God had for His people.
Pulling up to the church, I got a feeling of security as the Lord reassured me that He was going to definitely "show up" in the service, so that made it easy to walk in with confidence and a big smile. The church was very gracious and they took great care of me. That's always a plus because nobody HAS to be nice. GOD DID AS HE PROMISED! I can still see the faces of the souls at the altar, and I'm so grateful that He uses me as His vessel.
After the service we went to an awesome restaurant called "The Boiling Crab" and had boiled crawfish and snow crab. DIVINE! I met a really nice woman of God and we giggled about both being from Louisiana. We had a blast as we ate, told good humored jokes, and shared from our personal experiences in ministry. Then, my body told me that it was on "the come down" and that I needed to get some rest. The come down is what I experience after having been "high in the Spirit of God from being in His presence, preaching the word, and ministering to His people." So, my hosts drove me to a hotel and I had quick nods of sleep the way there.
Although I was tired, I was so relieved, blessed, and still excited to have another opportunity to pursue my life's purpose- preaching the gospel to the nations. Finally, I drifted off to sleep and prepared for an early morning.
My alarm sounded at 4:00a.m. but I hit snooze for another fifteen minutes. Afterward, I jumped up and prepared for a busy day. I caught a red eye out of Houston, landed at D.F.W., flew into Birmingham, drove myself to work, put some time in at the office, and drove home. There I met up with my god-sister and we went to grab a bite to eat before retiring for the evening.
It's the day after, and I still feel jet lag. But I'd rather be tired from walking in my destiny than from exhausting my days roaming around trying to figure it all out. LIFE IS SWEET, GOD IS GOOD, JESUS IS MY JOY!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reflections from a Mother’s Heart

I can hear the whispers now.  I did not know Apostle Stacey had children.  When did that happen?  Is she married? 
Today, my concern is for the Fatherless and Motherless generation.  My heart breaks that there are so many that have not experienced what it’s like to truly be parented in the Spirit.  I can think back fondly to all those who had a hand in raising me spiritually, and I’m grateful.  Without the impartation of Reverend Joseph Riley, Bishop James Eric Daniel, and Lady Jeanette Daniel I am not sure of where I would be in ministry but I most certainly would not be here! These individuals allowed an eager, and zealous young girl travel with them, serve them, and even minister to them when most would have simply disregarded the anointing that I had not even began to understand.  They had a time raising me because I was very gifted and ready to do whatever God said to me.  Sometimes they had to slow me down, give me wisdom, and even gently rebuke me but they did their jobs!  Just as I grew up quickly in the natural (having to preach the gospel at 14), I also matured in the Spirit in leaps and bounds.  In fact, some still wonder today how I became an Apostle in 14 years of ministry.  The truth of the matter is, I was BORN one, and I just had to grow to discover my true calling and purpose.  That’s another blog. 

Today, my heart is reflecting on the souls that don’t have the fond memories I have of sitting down with my Pastors and being trained one on one.  My heart aches and grieves for them because I wonder, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITHOUT PARENTS? How will they know how to survive in the vicious world of ministry (and yes it is rough out here) without someone to as least say, WATCH YOUR BACK. 

I’m going to say something a bit controversial, but as I take a deep breath, here goes:
NOT EVERY PASTOR IS A SPIRITUAL PARENT.  Many have parental hearts, but there are many that don’t.  God will use them to watch for your soul, but will also call another to “birth you.”  I made the mistake a few years ago and thought that just because I saw fatherly qualities in a leader, they were able to birth me.  I was harshly corrected by God for this and realized that while I was still looking for someone to nurture and spiritually care for me, it was also time for me to “grow up and get out of the house.”  That’s also when I ultimately embraced that far beyond what natural man could impart into me, JESUS wanted exclusive rights to be both my mother and father.  During my traumatic experience of being torn from my parents (Katrina) I had to KNOW God as Father.  I was just beginning to preach the gospel around the country, with an anointing that neither mom or dad understood, and for the first time in 12 years of ministry, I felt alone!  It was in that 12th year that God called me to Apostolic dimensions and I became aware of the fact that although my Prophetic journey was the most intense out of all the offices I operate in, I was being led to operate as an endtime, forerunning, foundation laying, mothering, Prophetic Apostle.  If you think that’s a mouthful, just imagine how it is to WALK it this mandate.  All of a sudden, it all made sense and it was as if the pieces to the jig saw puzzle that my life was becoming were now FINALLY coming together to form a picture.

Naturally, I’m the only child so I’m comfortable just hanging around the house to receive the attention and nurturing my mom and dad poured on me. They are DYMANIC parents that were as close to perfect as anyone could ever hope or dream.  I’m not exaggerating; I literally look at them in amazement because even though I know that GOD did it through them, I STILL don’t know how.  I’ve often wondered how different my life would be if I were not an only child (Rest in peace Patrice Ledet).  However, if I had natural siblings, I would have to move out of the way for my younger brothers and sisters to have a chance to receive my parents nurturing.  Spiritually I experienced this.  I was no longer the youngest one in need of attention, so I had to move on with the maturity and lessons my parents had already showered on me.  I’m not sure if I was ready to be on my own, but I was pushed out!  I had to be on my own, like it or not.  I felt abandoned, rejected, and forsaken by them and I did NOT take it lightely.  I felt unwanted and unsure of my every step.  However, in spite of being called a “bastard” by the religious who had no clue of what God was doing in my life, I knew that I was a faithful daughter that had to finally mature and grow up in God.  Some of them STILL don’t get why I “left the house” but they will understand it better by and by.  I go back for visits, and I’m grateful for those times.  However, its obvious that I don’t live there anymore.    I’m a big girl now.

Much of my healing came when I realized that parents are NOT perfect!  They will not always know what to do with you, and you won’t always come out looking or acting like them. Still, it does not negate the fact that they are your parents.  I do believe that being a “first born” meant that many mistakes were made with me.  Spiritually speaking I was the first “prophetic child” to emerge from the house in which I was birthed, or at least the first that was outright and forthcoming with my calling.  I know I caused many of the gray hairs and wrinkles my spiritual AND natural parents adorn.  Sorry guys. 

Even while writing this blog, it already has taken me some time to muddle through what I’m really trying to say, but I think I’ve arrived at what my point is.  I’m a mom now.  God is filling my spiritual womb full of children that need to be birthed.  I now have a greater understanding of why my own spiritual parents made mistakes, but I’m not afraid to push.  There is a new generation of Spiritual parents, and I’m humbled to say that I am one of them that will give birth to nations.  May the blood of Jesus cover my womb as many struggle to emerge into their destinies. 

Receiving the call to mother:
My own church hurt experiences allowed me to see first hand what a blessing it was to truly have the benefit of Godly leadership.  Thankfully, much of my church hurt came when I had already been reared, so I was mature enough to know that not everything about the church was glorious!  In prayer, I would find myself feeling the burden of all those who I was able to relate to in my own moment of parental abandonment saying God, what are we to do?  God said to me, So many have dropped my people, you go and pick them up.  It was almost as if I was impregnated IMMEDIATELY and began to carry the burden to birth.  As compassion began to fill my heart, I knew what time it was.  Shortly afterwards, I met my first daughter. 

I’m a young mother.  I make mistakes.  Sometimes I don’t have a clue in what to do, but I am plugged into the Father and oh what a perfect Father He is.  As I go through this parental journey, I now draw on everything my own spiritual parents imparted into me and it is truly treasured and valued information.  I know what not to do, and I also have been blessed to know what to do in many situations.  This is QUITE a ride but I’m enjoying the process.

To all my sons and daughters (those that I have met, and those that are on the way), Mom loves you!  I can’t promise perfection, but I will do all that is within me to make sure that you are birthed into your promised places in God.

-Pray for me-

Thursday, April 1, 2010

You just HAVE TO KNOW!

Honestly, I'm sitting here with tears forming in my eyes.  I'm going to just sum up the details of today by saying that I had a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day.  Working in an environment like the one I work in lends itself to rapid and sudden changes, and sometimes the day really takes a beating on you.  I feel beat up!  Two black eyes, kicked in the mouth, body slammed beat up...yeah that sums it up nicely.

In moments like this I try to consult wise counsel.  It helps sometimes.  Today, it made me feel out of options, unheard, and once again misunderstood.  I wanted to yell- BUT YOU DON'T KNOW HOW I FEEL.  However, mostly people just assume that I'll figure it out and be okay.  They are right, I'll be okay- but I have NO CLUE right now what to do.  This is definitely one for Jesus!

SIGH!  You just have to know!  You just have to know, in moments when you feel useless and worthless, you have to know that you are not!  You are purposed and invaluable!  In moments when you feel walked on, you just have to know that you are the head and not the tail.  In other words, even when you don't feel like it, YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW what God has said.  He has already determined the ending before the beginning, and YOU JUST HAVE TO KNOW that His word is true, its final, its infallible, and that no matter what the facts may say- HE HAS THE FINAL SAY! 
"As I minister to you, I minister to myself"

The more I think about it...I'm encouraged.  

4/1/10- The birds are singing

My alarm clock buzzed until I was awakened by the hand of God out of my nights slumber at 5:30a.m.  I realized that it was another day, and another month.  I made it through March, and April is here!  If you are reading this, so did you.  As I sat on the bed to meditate on the song I heard in my Spirit:
(If you want to listen)
I also heard the birds singing right outside of my window.  Their song is not very overwhelming, but its there if you listen.  Their song reminds me of God's presence.  He is there if you listen!  He won't always blast through your ear drums, but when you still yourself He will surely speak. His presence is beautiful this morning.  I feel Him resting on my heart.  As I speak to Him, He speaks to me.  I'm grateful for His instruction.  He's mine, and I'm His.  Together, we will walk through this day.